The New TPS

Why and How Have We Changed?

When we first started providing Lean Manufacturing services it was still a fairly new undertaking in the US. Few companies really understood much about Lean and fewer still had attempted any sort of Lean Implementation.

Today, however, most companies have implemented “pieces and parts” of Lean Manufacturing with vastly different results. Many companies now have Lean Manufacturing Directors, Managers, Teams and even customized in-house Lean Programs that have been developed internally.

In most cases, companies no longer need us to facilitate their entire transition to Lean as in years passed. Today, we increasingly find ourselves working alongside internal Lean Facilitators by filling needed skill gaps, facilitating advanced improvements in high-level operations, benchmarking / refocusing efforts, mentoring Lean Leaders and further developing in-house capabilities and talent.

We find many of today’s Lean Leaders working extremely long hours but overwhelmed and unable to implement Lean in a timely manner; more often than not, with skills they do not currently possess. This is where our 18+ years experience in hundreds of companies becomes invaluable to our clients.

How To Qualify For Our Help

We have chosen to remain a small, but agile “boutique” consulting firm. As such, we can only handle a few clients at a time. Many clients (past and present,) are multi-billion dollar international corporations. We also serve very small “Mom & Pop” shops. It may seem odd that a company that focuses on helping businesses grow is limiting its’ own growth… but that is exactly right. We obsess over our clients and refuse to spread ourselves too thin. It is a professional and lifestyle decision that each of our partners has made.

That said; we have become very selective about the work we engage in. We do not accept failure and are not terribly interested in working with leaders who do. We ask for a 100% commitment to the process and will give no less.

If you need to begin or restart your transition to Lean, or if your team could benefit from the support of seasoned Lean Professionals to fill needed gaps, please download and fill out the basic assessment document below and we will arrange for a confidential discussion about how our team might be useful to yours. If you’d prefer a brief conversation before submitting this information, please feel free to call.

All the Best,

Bill Hanover
CCO, TPS – ThroughPut Solutions
(435) 792-4380

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