Lean Manufacturing Excuses…

Is there a good excuse for not implementing lean manufacturing right now?

  • Too busy
  • Too slow
  • Not sure how
  • Can’t afford it
  • Takes too long
  • Too much effort
  • Personnel changes
  • Maybe next quarter
  • Implementing a new ERP system
  • Going through mergers or acquisitions
  • The list goes on and on…

We’ve Heard Them All!

But the truth is, now is the best time to eliminate waste and improve processes even if you have to be a little creative to make it happen. We take the pain out of the process through a streamlined approach that uses minimal resources and helps you become Lean no matter what challenges your company might be facing. It’s almost never convenient to implement Lean, but it is ALWAYSworth it.

Our passion is helping companies eliminate waste and increase profits through Lean Manufacturing, Quality, and Process Improvements.

Lean is emerging as the most successfully applied efficiency and waste reduction system in all types of manufacturing environments and offices: health care, maintenance, military operations, engineering, software development, government systems, food processing, farming, and energy production. Virtually every process known to humankind will benefit from becoming Lean.

With your leadership and our expertise we transform your staff into motivated waste eliminators who literally generate profit through the hands-on application of Lean Manufacturing and Process Improvements.

Your needs set the pace and focus

We won’t waste time entertaining your staff in a classroom for days on end learning about “Lean Theory.” We actually help your team do the work required to become Lean. Training is accomplished through brief classroom sessions followed by the actual implementation of waste eliminating changes that make a measurable difference.

Lean Manufacturing SkillsTo help you understand your specific needs, we invite you to browse Our Process and Lean Tools to get a sense of the services we offer. We would be glad to help with any of these tools independently or facilitate your entire transition to a Lean organization and set you on your way to “World Class Excellence.”