Single Minute Exchange of Die (S.M.E.D.)

Single Minute Exchange of Die (also known as S.M.E.D.), is the Lean tool used to create very fast changeovers and setups that greatly reduce machine downtime and increase throughput. It is common to reduce machine changeover times from hours to less then ten minutes. While that may sound too good to be true, we’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Implementation: S.M.E.D. efforts are best implemented with the operators or changeover teams assigned to a specific machine or set of machines. We work closely with your staff to teach them the many powerful techniques to reduce setup, implement as many improvements as immediately possible, and rehearse the new setup procedures. A great setup or changeover is highly choreographed and has a dramatic effect on downtime.

Since there are many outstanding tools available to reduce setups and changeovers, we work closely with your teams until they are sufficiently prepared to carry their efforts forward and professionally apply the many techniques on their own.

Summary: S.M.E.D. is a powerful tool for reducing downtime due to setups and changeovers. Results are almost always outstanding and inspiring.

Note: SMED results can be enhanced through the use of a visible timer that all can see. We recommend you check out Alzatex Lean Manufacturing Timers if you want to take your changeovers up a notch!

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