2-Bin Auto-Replenishment System

2-Bin and other forms of Lean parts and supplies replenishment eliminate downtime due to parts shortages, making replenishment simple while creating a “self-evident” inventory.

Implementation: Coordinating with purchasing, the stockroom, suppliers, and the shop floor production areas, we help you create a seamless and self-perpetuating inventory that keeps a reduced amount of supplies at the point of use and makes reordering a simpler process.

Often, we will negotiate special arrangements with suppliers to guarantee proper inventory levels and maximize price breaks even if an increase in delivery frequency is required. Companies with thousands of part numbers and multiple storage locations may benefit from a simple barcoding process on small lots. This reduces reordering time by hours each day.

There are so many ways to make your inventory easier to use and reorder that we customize this process to best suit your needs. From the very beginning, we involve your staff and empower them with much of the responsibility for creating your new system. Your inventory becomes “self-evident” since you can readily view the amount in stock without counting.

Summary: Inventory is relocated and positioned in an easy-to-use manner. With fewer locations to manage there is less of it and it is easily or automatically reordered.

Click HERE to Watch a Brief Video Tutorial on 2-Bins Systems.