KanBans are “self-evident signals” that indicate what work is to be done and when.

Implementation: Many of the benefits of becoming Lean can be traced back to the implementation of KanBans. KanBans clearly identify needed work, reduce the number of defective parts produced, allow for job-sharing, give instant visual indicators of productivity and constraints, along with many other benefits.

We have developed an intuitive approach to helping you quickly establish KanBans and modify them to meet your changing needs. Ultimately, most KanBans evolve into what is known as “One Piece Flow” where parts are literally passed from one operation to the next, with no wait time between work stations.

With minimal investment, KanBan manufacturing systems enjoy many real benefits. We work with your staff from the beginning to establish proper KanBans throughout all operations.

Kanbans can significantly reduce the operatinginventory of most companies and streamline nearly any process.

Summary: KanBans reduce inventory and give clear indicators of current production status.

Want to see a brief video on the Kanban tool “2-Bin Systems?” Click HERE

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