Self-Funding Lean & Process Improvements

It seems like a very bold statement, but now in our 16th year of helping companies become Lean we have a track record that supports this claim.

Generally speaking even before an invoice comes due our clients have experienced so many profound improvements that they have already saved or earned many times the cost of our consulting services. We stay in business by making sure our help is always a wise investment.

A few examples of how it works:

A Capitol Equipment Supplier
We helped them quadruple production of their biggest selling product in 1 week.

A Coaxial Cable Manufacturer
We helped them reduce changeover downtime by 5 – 12 hours per machine, per shift, in 1 week.

A Large Capitol Equipment Manufacturer
We helped them double the throughput in 3 production areas in just 2 weeks.

An Automotive OEM
We helped them reduce millions in downtime through process improvements in just 1 week.

An Aerospace Supplier
We helped them increase departmental throughput by 20% in 3 days.

A Commercial Foundry
We helped them reduce floor space by an entire building that was later leased-out for profit in 1 week.

We don’t want to brag, but helping companies waste less and earn more is what we do! We are very passionate about our work and always enjoy working with your team to make improvements happen very quickly. The whole Lean Right Now Process is great fun and always accomplishes outstanding results.

Your Lean Conversion Is “Self-Funding” Through:

Reduced: Inventory, Waste, Floor Space, & Downtime &Cost Savings
Improved: Processes & Repeatable Quality
Increased: Throughput & Cash Flow

Consider your “least Lean” production area…
What if we worked together to organize it, improve and standardized all of its processes, remove virtually all waste from it, connect it to it’s internal customers, use fewer people to accomplish the same tasks, change it’s machines/processdef.htmes over in minutes, and motivate all of it’s team members to continue improving from now on?

This is what we do. Let us help you implement Lean & Process Improvements and you will realize very fast, exciting, ongoing, and absolutely measurable results that give you a competitive advantage in a very competitive world.

Who Pays for Your Lean Training & Implementation?

Well, you can use your savings and gains to pay for the entire process… OR, we can connect you with grants and agencies that will generally offset your costs by anywhere from 40 to 100%. Let’s not allow funding to get in the way. Call us and we’ll help you get started right away.

*Please see Case Studies/Results for more examples of results achieved.


Bill Hanover
CCO, TPS – ThroughPut Solutions
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