Mere Mortal Managers

A series of three articles designed to help managers effectively lead the transformation to Lean Manufacturing and World Class Excellence.

This is the first in a series of three articles written especially for managers leading the transition to Lean Manufacturing. The first article, Self-Correction discusses how to recover from past management shortcomings and the qualities of managers who have successfully lead their companies through a Lean transformation. The second article, Preparation, discusses needed preparations before beginning your Lean process. The last article in the series, Execution, provides further practical advice and time saving tips to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to Lean and World Class Excellence.

Effectively Leading Your Lean Manufacturing Transformation


Many managers have tried to implement Lean Manufacturing. Fortunately, most have succeeded. During our years of helping companies take the plunge into Lean Manufacturing and Process Improvements, we have learned a great deal from the managers with whom we have worked. It has been both educational and a wild ride to say the least!

The Mere Mortal Managers series is an insider’s view designed to help managers avoid the pitfalls and problems that may lie ahead throughout your Lean Transformation. We won’t be pulling any punches here, so be prepared to take a good hard look in the mirror before beginning your Lean implementation or attempting to repair the Lean process you’ve already begun. You may see pieces of your management style in some of our examples. We hope you’ll feel encouraged, even inspired, to become the kind of manager you would like to be and take solace in the fact that your people truly want you to lead them.