Kaizen Blitz Events

Kaizen Blitz Events (also known as “Kaizen Events”) are highly focused improvement events designed to address and resolve important business issues and/or constraints.

Implementation: Using a team of anywhere from 4 to 12 employees, we critically evaluate and scrutinize the area or issues to discover where opportunities for improvement exist. We find real solutions and begin implementing the needed changes immediately.

This is a team effort best engaged in by associates from the area of focus, supporting areas, and internal customers. By the end of each Kaizen Event, substantial improvements have been made, plans and responsibilities for longer range improvements are assigned, and bottom-line results are expected.

Kaizen Events function best when focused on “real constraints” rather than general improvements. Achieving the best results through Kaizen Events requires highly skilled facilitators. Though we train your designated staff to lead the events in the future, facilitators necessarily require substantial understanding and experience to achieve the best possible results.

Summary: Kaizen Blitz events correct constraining factors in a fast, efficient, and powerful way. When these efforts are focussed on “real constraints” they usually have immediate and long-term major effects on profitability, safety, quality, and throughput.

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