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TPS President & CCO, Bill Hanover

We are now in our 15th year of providing hands-on consulting services to a diverse clientele. We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting challenges and achieving victories in helping organizations reach their goals. We look forward to the opportunities ahead.

Lean Manufacturing, Human Resources Management, Quality, and Process Improvement “flows through the blood” of our facilitators. After assuring a prospective TPS team member possesses sufficient background and experience, a thorough understanding of manufacturing and operational issues, along with a talent for motivating others, we then select for the quality we refer to as a “passion for excellence.”

This passion energizes every team member and proves contagious for our clients. Without this burning desire to serve to the very best of our ability, we would be just another consulting firm. We know that our personal touch, a willingness to really listen and learn from our clients, and our ability to absolutely commit to their success, no matter the obstacles, remain our strongest assets. With such an attitude, You win, We win and nothing less is acceptable.

To help you better understand who we are and the skills we offer, please review the small sampling of team member backgrounds and some of the industries we have served below. Though we have a core team of TPS Consultants and Facilitators, we also retain a pool of seasoned professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds from which we draw specific expertise. Lastly, we include a brief look into some of the core beliefs and practice of the TPS team.

A sampling of industries served

Automotive, OEM, Parts and Accessories
Integrated Steel Mills
Investment Casting Foundries
Injection Moulding
Printing and Labeling
Cable Manufacturing
Job Shops
Sensor/Scanner Manufacturing
Health Care
Health & Fitness Equipment
Antenna Manufacturing
Ultra-Violet Curing Equipment
Valve Manufacturing
Metals, Punching, Stamping, Cutting, Welding, etc.
Power Supply Equipment
Plumbing Fixtures & Accessories
Sports Equipment
Office Environments
Medical Products
Postal Service
Food Processing
Hi-Tech Peripherals
Plastics, Injection Moulding
Paper Products

A sampling of TPS Team backgrounds and experience

Operations Management
Quality Systems
ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution
Human Resources
Organization Development
Labor Relations
Process Engineering
Process Line Management
Insurance Operations
Training and Program Implementation
Corporate Officers
Employment Law
Professional Guidance and Counseling
Construction Management
Materials Management
Statistical Analysis

Take a “Look” inside TPS

We thought it might be refreshing to see something a little different: a look into the heart and soul of TPS. Listed below are some of the core beliefs and practices of our team. This information will tell you more about our character and values in a few short paragraphs than any other information we could possibly give you.

We are a small, dedicated group of manufacturing consultants who thrive on reducing waste and making companies stronger. We travel from city to city, assisting clients large and small implement Lean Manufacturing and a wide variety of quality and process improvements.

We know the importance of getting top management commitment and empowering everyone in the company to make real changes for the betterment of the entire organization.

We never recommend or encourage any company to layoff portions of its workforce unless sales simply will not sustain the continued existence of the company. We believe you should never punish people for improving. Ever.

We believe employees represent the greatest sustainable resource in your company. We have witnessed incredible, even “miraculous” transformations within companies we have served. These transformations are always due to the emergence of dedicated people embracing a shared vision of excellence.

We are tenacious and tireless and will do everything in our power to provide our clients the results they desire. We prefer the truth, (even when it is hard) if it will benefit our clients in any way. We never give up before anyone else.

We feel it is our duty to transfer our skills and knowledge to the client’s internal people so that they will be prepared to lead their own Lean improvement programs.

We are passionate about our work. We understand the importance and responsibility that comes with transforming companies. We enjoy our time facilitating improvements, but we realize that real people depend on us to make their workplace safer, smarter, better, and stronger. We take our stewardship seriously.

We are human beings. We do our very best every time, and usually achieve the highest levels of excellence. That makes us proud, and our clients pleased. When we occasionally fail to reach the highest achievements, we regroup and try again. We learn from our set-backs and from the many great people we are privileged to work with wherever we go.

We know how to say “thank you” and truly mean it. We thank you for visiting our site and considering using our talents to fast forward your journey to “World Class” excellence.

Bill Hanover, CCO
TPS – ThroughPut Solutions

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