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When we first started helping companies implement Lean Manufacturing and Process Improvements… I have to tell you… it was on a “wing and a prayer!” I was still wet behind the ears and only had one client with any results to speak of. In fact, that client was Morton International, who later became Autoliv. This is where I (Bill Hanover) got my start in Lean Manufacturing. And from that incredible experience, I initially built our Lean consulting firm.

Senior management at Autoliv directed our Organization Development Department to 1. Find out what Lean Manufacturing (TPS) is all about and 2. Implement Lean Everywhere! I was very fortunate to be part of that team and effort! Perhaps you already know that Autoliv has since become the world leader in automotive safety systems and has won the prestigious “Shingo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence” three times (so far,) in the very facility where I got my start. They are incredibly efficient and extremely organized. They even host daily paid tours so manufacturing professionals from around the world can see a real-time Lean success in practice.

It’s Now 17 Years Later! We’ve worked in more than 100 manufacturing plants around the world (mostly in the US,) and have NEVER seen less than a 20 – 1 R.O.I.! We have added senior partners and experts that, quite frankly, make me look like a schoolboy. Our team is well-seasoned and at the top of their game! We are all “obsessive compulsive” about our client’s needs and work tirelessly to make sure they get the results they need.

In the early years our biggest competitors were other consulting firms and there were many. Now… most of those firms are gone and we primarily compete with Federal and State Government agencies. Can you imagine what it would be like if the Federal Government began offering your products & services to your customers? It has been a real challenge competing with this “900lb Gorilla” but We’re Still Here! In fact, we even get the “gorilla” to help us help our clients from time to time.

So Here’s My Point… We have never been better at helping our clients get Lean than we are today! If that is what you are looking for… that is what we offer. Our guarantee makes sure you get the results you want or you pay us nothing. Would your staff or senior management take such a risk? Probably not unless they were certain they could pull it off.

It all starts with a simple & private email or phone call. If nothing else we will probably wind-up validating what you already know to be true about your company’s’ situation.

For a free (No Sales Pitch) consultation please call us at (435) 792-4380.

In Summary… We Facilitate the Implementation of Lean Manufacturing at Every Level.