Foundry: Nuclear/Aerospace/Commercial

Problems: This foundry is run by a dynamic and visionary manager who recognized an increasing need to empower his staff to make more decisions with less direction. Increased teamwork and cooperation in and between shifts/departments was needed to facilitate the management style and meet the expectations of this exceptional leader.
Lean Solutions: Using a customized approach we designed and facilitated a day-long outdoor experiential team training event. This was followed by another day of classroom processing and training on key area specific, and business issues. Communication skills, problem solving, and several Lean Manufacturing basics were also covered. Honest discussion about area issues and redefining all departments and staff as internal “customers” and/or “suppliers”, was an important change in mind-set and a matter of practical application.
Impact/Results: Normally it is difficult to quantify the results of such an undertaking. In this case, however, there was a 20% gain in productivity experienced in the area during the following week. This gain was sustained and later improved upon after a re-layout of the area in a Blitz event. Empowering trained and responsible adults to take real ownership in their areas and be accountable to goals will continue to net outstanding results for this forward-looking company for many years to come.

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