Who Else is Visiting TPS?

You may be surprised to know that people from more than 50 countries and thousands of companies visit our website every month!

This page is really just sort of an FYI for the many curious folks who ask us about Lean and who is doing it. We hope you find it enlightening.

Lean Manufacturing has been applied in nearly every conceivable business undertaking and is a new tool for achieving profitability with reduced waste in many new fields. Lean has extended far beyond automobile manufacturing as you can see from the list below.

Because we respect the privacy of our visitors we won’t disclose which companies are visiting though you would recognize many “Fortune 500” brands. We can, however, tell you the industries they represent. If your company isn’t doing all it can to become Lean maybe you’ll want to take note that your competitors probably are.

The following types of companies/Industries have very recently visited our site to learn more about Lean and/or inquire about our services (This is only a very small sampling):

A – Aerospace Manufacturers, Attorneys, Automobile Manufacturing, Automobile After market Suppliers (Accessories & OEM), Auction Houses, Audio/Video Equipment Manufacturers, Apparel Manufacturers, Airlines & Airplane Manufacturing

B – Bakeries, Brick yards, Bio-Processing Companies, Boating Manufacturers, Building Products (many types), Beer & Beverage Companies (many dozens), Bottlers, Bed Manufacturers

C – Coal Mining, Cable Manufacturers, Cereal Manufacturing, Caterers, Clinical Diagnostic Equipment, Computer Manufacturers, Consultants from many Industries, Coaxial & Rigid Cable Manufacturers, Capitol Equipment Manufacturers, Cell Phone Suppliers & Manufacturers, Computer Controllers Manufacturing

D – Development Companies, Drainage Suppliers, Defense Contractors, Diagnostic Equipment Manufacturers, Data Media Producers, Disposable Dinnerware Manufacturing, Drink Cup Producers

E – Environmental Agencies (Including the EPA), Engineering Professionals (1000’s), E-commerce Networks, Exporters, Electronics Manufacturers, Electrical Components Manufacturing, Eyeglass & Contact Manufacturers

F – Forestry Products Manufacturers, Farmers, Freelancers, Fluid Dynamics Companies, Flexographic Printers, Financial Institutions (Banks, Credit Unions, Credit Card Companies, etc.) Foundries (Steel, Aluminum, Investment & Sand Casting), Film & Foil Producers, Food Producers (from cookies to cows to restaurants…dozens), Filtration & Purification Device Manufacturers, Flavoring & Spice Producers

G – Global Supplier & Replenishment Services, Grocery Stores & Suppliers,

H – Health care & Health care Providers/Suppliers/Service Organizations, Hydraulics Manufacturers, Human Resources Service Providers, House-hold Appliance Manufacturers (most name brands), Hygiene Products Manufacturers (dozens), HVAC Services & Suppliers

I – Image Processing Equipment Suppliers & Manufacturers, Investment Casting Foundries, Internet Infrastructure Equipment Suppliers, Interior Designers & Cabinet Makers

J – Juice Producers,

K – Keepsakes & Other Novelty Manufacturers, Kitchen Equipment Suppliers (commercial 7 household)

L – Laboratories & Bio Processing Suppliers, Labor Unions, Linoleum Manufacturers, Lighting Manufacturers & Suppliers,

M – Manufacturers of Every Type, Metals Producers/Refiners & etc., Moving Companies, Mining Industries (many types), Military Bases (dozens!), Medical Device Manufacturing (dozens), Metal Stamping (dozens)

N – Nano Tube Manufacturing, Nuclear Equipment Manufacturing and Suppliers, Milk Producers & Milk Products Manufacturers (Yogurt, Ice Cream, Cheese, etc.),

O – Operations Directors, Optometry & Opthamology Suppliers & Manufacturers,

P – Petroleum Producers & Conglomerates, Paper Mills, PVC Producers/Products & Supplies, Paint Production & Supplies Manufacturers, Printers (Industrial and many others), Plumbing Fixtures & Supplies Manufacturers, Pharmaceuticals & Supply Manufacturers/Distributors, Pyrotechnics Suppliers & Manufacturers, Plastics (including injection, extrusion, etc.), Power & Utility Companies, Packaging Companies (many dozen), Pneumatic Equipment Producers, Purification Equipment Manufacturers

Q – Quality Boards & Certifiers,

R – Recycling & Recycled Products Manufacturers, Reactor Manufacturers, Rifle & Pistol Manufacturers, Recreational vehicle Manufacturers, Rocket Scientists & Propulsion Experts, Pump Manufacturers & Services, Retailers (large commercial chains), Rubber & Related Suppliers/Producers

S – Sensors & Hi-Tech Spectrometer Manufacturers, Silicon Wafer Producers & Suppliers, Storages Systems Manufacturers, Steel Producers (many types & products), Ship Builders, Security & surveillance Equipment Manufacturers, Solutions, Solvents & Chemical Producers, Shippers (ground, rail, & Air…dozens), Specialty Foods producers

T – Tire Manufacturers, Tubing Products, Transmission Manufacturing, Tile Manufacturers, Telecom Companies, Television & Monitor Manufacturers, Telephone Manufacturers, Textiles Producers (all types), Tractor & Heavy Equipment Manufacturers, Tool Suppliers & Manufacturers

U – Ultra Violet Curing & Processing Equipment Manufacturers, Universities & Colleges (hundreds)

V – Volunteer Services Agencies, vinyl Producers (Siding, Moulding, Flooring, etc.), Valve & Valve Body Manufacturers

W – Wheel Manufacturers, Wellness Centers, Window & Screen Manufacturers, Water Sprinkler Systems Suppliers & Manufacturers, Wine Makers

X – Xylophone Manufacturers (Just Kidding ; – ), X-Ray Equipment Manufacturers

Y – Yogurt & Yogurt Culture Producers/Suppliers,

Z – None that we can think of.

Lean really is everywhere or at least on its’ way to becoming a key component in virtually every business.