Error & Mistake-Proofing

Error and Mistake-Proofing (also known as “Poka Yoke”) is one of the powerful Lean tools used to ensure products and processes are completed correctly the first time.

Implementation: Error and Mistake Proofing can be focused on a single machine or process using the talents of only a few people, or it can become a broad undertaking, addressing many issues simultaneously.

The goal is to reduce scrap, rework, and eliminate production losses due to inconsistent processes, methods, materials, etc. Improved quality and cycle-times are nearly always achieved. Waste is Reduced or Eliminated.

Depending on the level of implementation needed, we can make experts out of your staff relatively quickly and leave them competent to effect more scrap/rework improvements across the organization.

Summary: If you are experiencing high levels of scrap and rework, Error and Mistake Proofing provides pinpoint focused tools that will help you quickly remedy these problems and dramatically reduce production losses.

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