Constraint Management (TOC) “Theory of Constraints”

This tool addresses and helps to resolve the most important deterrent to increased throughput and productivity in your operation.

Implementation: We teach you about the tools of constraint management and how to locate the actual or “real” constraints holding back your operation. We then apply any and all techniques to resolve or reduce the negative impact your operation’s constraints are having on throughput.

Using the talents of several constraint area experts, we will generally greatly relieve the “pain” felt in the constraining area to the point where the constraint may transfer to another area, machine, or process. This procedure is repeated long after initial efforts to resolve emerging constraints. Soon, your internal facilitatorswill become quite proficient at resolving constraints and increasing throughput.

Summary: Constraint Management efforts can immediately resolve extremely negative effects from machine, labor, and process inefficiencies, and have the ability to fund your entire transition to Lean through substantial increases in throughput.

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