(a.k.a. Visual Workplace, Visual Factory) A workplace organization tool/processdef.htm that maximizes the cleanliness, organization, and safety of all elements in a working environment.

5S so named for its 5 primary undertakings:

Sort: Remove all unneeded items from the workplace.

Set In Order: Make a place for everything and put everything in its’ place.

Shine: Thoroughly clean and inspect everything in the work area (preventative cleaning also applies).

Standardize: Maintain the improvements through discipline and structure.

Sustain: Continue to support 5S efforts through auditing, job descriptions that include maintenance of the system, management support and expectations, etc.

Note: 5S efforts almost always improve workplace safety, operator morale, quality, and throughput. It can also be very impressive to visiting customers and prospective clients.

These images are provided by Lean Innovations with whom we proudly collaborate to better serve our clients. These photos show great examples of 5S organization principles at their best.

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