TWI – Training Within Industry – “Job Relations Article”

Job Relations Intro.

(JR) is the TWI Program that enables the supervisor to build a solid, positive, and enduring relationship between him/her and each employee. This relationship is based on trust, communication, mutual respect, care and concern. As such, this builds and maintains a positive culture in the organization. The supervisor as leader in this role actually becomes the “point person” regarding the Human Resources function. The relationships he/she builds and maintains over time becomes the foundation for lean. With this positive foundation, the supervisor is able to enroll people in lean improvement activities and see tangible business results, as well as a real effect on the quality of worklife his/her people experience.

Job Relations Basics

Enables supervisors to become good leaders by teaching them a) how to avoid personnel problems by building a “foundation for good relations” with all employees and b) how to deal positively with personnel problems by “treating every person as an individual”.

In this important role of leader, the supervisor is taught to develop and maintain strong positive relations with all of his/her people by:

  • a) Building a positive foundation for good job relations…essentially a positive culture, by: Letting each worker know how he/she is doing, giving credit when its due, telling people in advance about changes that ‘ll affect them,and making best use of each person’s ability.
  • b) Dealing with employee problems…handling difficult situations, by: getting the facts, weighing and deciding what action to take, taking action, and checking results. This process starts with a defined objective the supervisor has with the employee and ends with verifying the objective has been met. Getting employee feelings and opinions is an important part of getting all the facts in each of these cases.

Job Relations strongly reinforces the role of the supervisor as leader of his/her work section.

Specific feedback comments from supervisors on completion of this Job Relations training include:

  • “Everyone needs help with strengthening relationships with workers.”
  • “We need to change the current culture.”
  • “JR will help me change the workplace environment.”
  • “JR Training was extremely beneficial to me personally.”
  • “It’s a great tool for supervisors to maintain relations with each employee.”
  • “I like the way JR helps build consistency in people problem solving with all supervisors.”
  • “Everyone in management should go through this JR Training, not just supervisors.”

This is the type of feedback we see all of the time with the delivery of the TWI Job Relations Training. It’s very rewarding for us to help a company realize these types of results!

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