TWI – Training Within Industry – “Job Instruction Workshop”

Job Instruction – Workshop Overview

TWI (Training Within Industry) is often referred to as the “Roots of Lean”. TWI Job Instruction (JI) is specifically designed to help the first level supervisor with his/her responsibility for providing proper training and assuring this training is effective in helping people do their jobs correctly and efficiently. The objective of JI is to help supervisors develop a well-trained work force. A related Lean Manufacturing Tool is Standardized Work.

Learning Objectives

Job Instruction is a way to get a person to quickly remember to do a job correctly, safely, and conscientiously. The supervisor learns to follow this 4-step method in actually instructing people in doing their jobs:

1. Prepare the Worker (put the person at ease, get the person interested in learning this job, find out what they already know, state the job, put the person in the correct position to do the job).

2. Present the operation (tell and demonstrate the job one important step at a time, repeat the operation stressing key points).

3. Tryout the performance (have the person do the job and correct any errors on the spot, have the person explain each important step as they do the job again, have the person explain each key point as they do the job a third time, continue until you know they know the job).

4. Follow up (put the person on their own, designate who to ask for help, check on the person frequently, taper off coaching and close the follow-up).

Program Agenda

TWI Job Instruction is a 5-Day Workshop, conducted with 2 hours per day for 5 consecutive days of classroom learning time, coupled with during the workday applications time for each participant.

Day 1:

  1. Five Needs of Good Supervisors
  2. Demonstration of Faulty Instruction (Telling Alone, Showing Alone)
  3. Demonstration of Correct Instruction
  4. Four Steps for Job Instruction

Day 2:

  1. Volunteer Instruction Demonstration – Job Breakdowns
  2. Breakdown of the Fire Underwriter’s Knot (simulation exercise)
  3. Breakdown of a Sample Job
  4. Get Everything Ready, Arrange the Worksite

Day 3:

  1. Training Timetables – Example – Trainee Practice
  2. Two Practice Instruction Demonstrations and Comments/Feedback
  3. Breakdown Practice of Demonstration Jobs

Day 4:

  1. Explanation of Training Timetable by Trainees
  2. Four Practice Instruction Demonstrations and Comments/Feedback
  3. Breakdown Practice of Demonstration Jobs
  4. Special Instruction Problems (and how to handle them)

Day 5:

  1. Three Practice Instruction Demonstrations and Comments/Feedback
  2. Breakdown Practice of Demonstration Jobs
  3. Summary and Conclusions

Who Should Attend

The TWI Job Instruction Workshop is for those individuals whose work is to supervise and direct the work of others. This includes operations supervisors as well as staff and administration supervisors. Job titles could include:

* Supervisor

* Foreman

* Group Leader

* Team Leader

* Lead Hand

* Manager

* Director

* Etc.

Job Instruction Training Benefits

Supervisors who have completed this JI training and have applied it report:

  • a) Better Job Instruction training of their employees
  • b) Easier to understand instructional materials
  • c) Enhanced retention and re-use of learning
  • d) Improved job performance by the individual (productivity, quality, cost, and delivery)
  • e) A more comprehensive training plan that they can follow
  • f) Improved capability of their workforce (skills, flexibility, attitudes)
  • g) Development of better trainers on their crews

*The Wastes of Manufacturing are all reduced in the supervisor’s immediate domain.

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