The “Fine Print” Written As Clearly As We Know How:

1. If you work at the company you are referring us to, Referral/Finder’s Fees might become a little sticky. Please clear it with your boss if they are interested in using our services. If for some reason you are not allowed to receive a Referral/Finder’s Fee, we will be glad to send a check to your favorite charity, or waive the fee completely. We really just want to help good companies become great ones, help people, and make a living in the process.

2. Let’s talk money! Upon receipt of payment from a client you referred to us we will send you a check for the appropriate amount. Our “Referral/Finder’s Fee Program” is based on a week of paid services, meaning a minimum of four (4) to (5) consecutive days. Occasionally we might encounter a situation when fewer than four (4) consecutive days are billable to the client, this would not qualify for the “Referral/Finder’s Fee Program”. Generally speaking, we almost always provide our services in four (4) or five (5) consecutive day segments.

3. The first person to refer us to a specific company is the only person who receives a Referral/Finder’s fee. A list of companies for TPS to “check-out” is not a referral. Referrals must come from using the process stated in the previous page or some other TPS approved method. If you refer us to a company we have already been working with or trying to engage, these are not referrals that earn Referral/Finder’s or Continuation fees.

4. The “Referral/Finder’s Fee Program” relates only to the initial company referral, not other divisions or branches of the same company or other referrals we might acquire while working with the original company i.e., you refer us to “Jack’s Machining” in Denver, whenever we work for “Jack’s Machining” (in Denver), you are paid the appropriate fee. If we work for “Jack’s Machining” in Sacramento, that is a different client, as is a referral we gained at “Jack’s Machining” for a plumbing supply co. in Cleveland, and so on.

5. A “paid week” of services means that the client actually pays the bill they owe. We offer a “Pay For Performance Guarantee” that states: “If a client is not satisfied with services received for any reason, all consulting fees will be removed from the client’s invoice.” We have never failed to satisfy a client and don’t plan to start, but if we work at a client’s plant all week and they decide not to pay, then that is their prerogative. Of course, if we don’t get paid for any reason, we don’t pay a Referral/Finder’s or a Continuation fee. This should never be an issue, but we need to be clear. It should also be noted that it doesn’t matter if there are one or ten TPS people on the job at the same time, each paid week generates only one (1) Referral/Finder’s or Continuation fee.

6. What about taxes? We do not take out taxes or pay any sort of benefits in any way. You are an “Independent Contractor” and will be completely responsible for any taxes, reporting, etc. At the end of the year we will send you a “1099” form that you will have to claim as “other income” on your taxes. We are not tax experts and do not give tax advice.

7. You are likely not an expert in Lean mfg. and are not expected to be one. When people ask you for more details about Lean mfg., please direct them to TPS. You are not an employee of TPS and do not represent the company in any way. This is not to say we don’t value our association, but to relieve you of any implied responsibility for results achieved or not through TPS. Please do not contact anyone stating that you work for TPS. You are an “Independent Contractor” and mostly, just a friend or acquaintance of those who might be interested in our help. Please allow us to help the prospective client see the benefits of implementing Lean. You are not expected to do any “selling”.

8. Once one of your referrals becomes a “paying client” your name becomes associated with that client for as long as TPS-ThroughPut Solutions remains in operation. You become the sole receiver of Referral/Finder’s Fees and Continuation Fees thereafter for that account.

9. Bill Hanover, CCO of TPS-ThroughPut Solutions reserves the right to make changes to the “Referral/Finder’s Fee Program” or terminate it at any time and without notice. Since we cannot predict every possible scenario or special conditions related to referrals, we will do our best to be prudent and fair both legally and ethically if a special situation requiring additional consideration should arise. We also reserve the right to pursue any referrals we choose, and are not obligated to pursue referrals we do not wish to pursue.

10. This offer applies only to those individuals who contract with TPS-ThroughPut Solutions and are approved by a senior TPS partner for participation in the “Referral/Finder’s Fee Program”. It is by TPS invitation only that others may participate and enjoy the benefits of this program. We do not make retroactive payments or other payments for referrals given outside the bounds of this agreement.

Agreement: I have read and understand the contents of this document and agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein. Furthermore, I will do nothing to discredit or injure in any way TPS-ThroughPut Solutions, their staff, or clients, and will not hold them responsible for referrals that do not result in paying jobs or clients that do not pay the fees they owe. This agreement is made with an understanding of mutual trust and in anticipation of a long and prosperous relationship. We Succeed Together.

These are the terms of the “Referral/Finder’s Fee Program”. If we decide to collaborate in this way we will send you an email with an attached form/contract stating this information which both TPS and You (the Referrer), will sign and date. Please feel free to call (435)-792-4380 if you would like to discus the program any further. We will gladly do our best to answer any questions you might have.

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