Referral/Finder’s Fee Program

(Sorry, We aren’t currently seeking additional referrals.)

Remember the television commercial that pitched shampoo in the 70’s? It said something like; “If you like it, tell 2 friends, and they’ll tell 2 friends, and so on, and so on… That is exactly the way we do most all of our marketing at TPS-ThroughPut Solutions. In fact, during the last 17 years most of our clients have come through our network of friends, colleagues, and satisfied clients.

Our “Referral/Finder’s Fee Program” is nothing more than friends, satisfied clients, and others, inviting people they know to take a look at our services. You don’t sell anything, but if one of your referrals decides to use our services, we show our appreciation with a generous and potentially ongoing Referral/Finder’s Fee.

Simply Stated:
If you refer us to a company that turns into a paying job, TPS will pay you a $2,000.00 “Referral/Finder’s Fee” for the first paid week of services delivered and a $500.00 “Continuation Fee” for each week of paid services thereafter for as long as we serve that client!
(Can I refer you to the company I work for?)

How You Do It:
Call someone you know, or maybe someone a good friend, colleague, or family-member of yours knows, who works in manufacturing (preferably a boss or supervisor).

Ask them if they would mind talking with someone from TPS about Lean Manufacturing. If you like, you can click on the “Our Process” button below to get a better understanding of how we help companies, but you most definitely do not have to become a “Lean Expert” to make referrals.

If they agree, write down their:
A. Name
B. Telephone Number (Including Extension)
C. Email Address (If they have one)
D. Company Name (Including City/State)

Tell them that a senior partner from TPS will be in touch with them soon. You may want to encourage them to check out our website. That’s up to you.

Call or email us with the contact information.

You’re Done!
(Click Here To Use Our Online Referral Form)

How We Do It:
A senior partner from TPS will call your friend (referral), and talk with them about Lean Manufacturing, mentioning your name as the referring party. They may pass us on to a higher level, or another department, but it is still your referral.

If they are interested in more information or a free assessment visit etc., we will make the necessary arrangements.

If they hire anyone from TPS to help them improve their company (and they pay the bill for their first week of services), you have just earned $2,000.00 and $500.00 for each week of paid services thereafter for as long as we serve that client! We don’t charge our clients more so we can pay referral/finder’s fees, instead, we have found this approach to be the most effective way to spend our marketing dollars and help others in the process.

If they don’t hire us, or pay their bill, thank you very much for your time. No Finder’s Fees are paid. Maybe we’ll be able to help the next one.

The Kind of Referrals We Want:

People You Know
“Cold Calls” (calling people you don’t know in manufacturing companies at random), are useless! The very best way to “network through referrals” is to speak with someone you personally know. And take our word for it, it’s a lot more fun!

“Bosses are Best!” If you know an Owner, CEO, COO, Production Manager, Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Manufacturing Director, or any type of VP these are the most productive referrals.

Supervisors and good, hard-working, well-respected, people can be great referrals also. Some of our best leads have come (initially), from secretaries, production workers, and support personnel. Generally speaking, any good worker can be a great referral.

On the next page we have spelled out the “Fine Print” so everything can be understood up-front. We have only the best intentions and truly want to share in our successes with other good people.

(Fine Print)