Mere Mortal Managers

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A Final Thought on Delegation

The stresses of management are largely so intense because of a basic failure on the parts of managers to adequately delegate authority and responsibility. Both authority and responsibility are required, or you have delegated nothing. The most successful managers we know are the most outstanding delegators we have ever met. If you delegate 80% of your responsibilities you are left with the 20% that only you can fulfill for one reason or another. The 80% you have delegated must still be followed through on, and all the other “surprises” that require top level attention are still yours. Delegation prepares leaders for future positions, develops skill sets, and multiplies your effectiveness many fold. If there is any hope for sanity in accomplishing the tasks of running a company, it will come from developing your team through a considerable amount of delegation. A Lean implementation is always best accomplished through top-down leadership with a solid vision of what needs to happen. They then communicate that vision, and trust people enough to empower them through delegation. You can do it, but you can’t do it alone.


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