Mere Mortal Managers

A series of three articles designed to help managers effectively lead the transformation to Lean Manufacturing and World Class Excellence.

This is the third and last in a series of three articles written especially for managers leading the transition to Lean Manufacturing. The first article, Self-Correction discusses how to recover from past management shortcomings and the qualities of managers who have successfully lead their companies through a Lean transformation. This second article, Preparation, discusses needed preparations before beginning your Lean process. This last article, Execution, provides further practical advice and time saving tips to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to Lean and World Class Excellence.

Effectively Leading Your Lean Manufacturing Transformation

Start With Success

When you are first starting your Lean transition, it is not as important what you do as how you do it. The visual, cultural, and physical benefits that directly impact your team are more important than the project you have selected. Clean up an area with 5S (Visual Workplace) or streamline a changeover process from hours to minutes with SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die); do something that will be widely noticed, relevant to your company’s success, and inspirational. In short, make it a certain success and do it quickly. Follow-up with another needed improvement very soon after your first big win.