Mere Mortal Managers

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The Last Resort

As a last resort ask for layoff volunteers if you have exhausted all other options and cannot foresee a need in the next several weeks or months for the surplus employees. Remember, you cannot impose a layoff and keep people motivated in Lean. There are in nearly every company a small handful of employees who would gladly accept a layoff for any number of personal reasons. Cautiously investigate this alternative only if absolutely needed.

It is always cheaper and a better long-term investment to keep a few extra people employed when you don’t need them rather than layoff even one person and jeopardize losing the hearts, minds, passion, and creativity of everyone. The sense of security you give by committing to these practices will pay huge dividends even though it may seem like a leap of faith to abide by them.

We occasionally become aware of companies that periodically justify layoffs in the name of Lean Manufacturing. This is a huge mistake and always hurts the overall success of the company. Sure, corporate officers, shareholders, and others are demanding higher profit margins, but the temporary reduction in labor costs exponentially sacrifices the gains of an energized Lean team. Would you improve yourself out of a job?

Enthusiasm Is Contagious!

Lean is great fun and always challenging. You have the power to inspire your team from the onset. Take advantage of this truly exciting opportunity; you won’t regret it.


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