Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

TPM is an equipment maintenance system that proactively addresses maintenance issues before they become major problems and cause equipment downtime.

Comments: TPM engages machine operators and staff in the routine maintenance of equipment so machines are constantly maintained on a basic level. More advanced maintenance procedures are still performed by skilled maintenance professionals.

TPM efforts include putting machines on a schedule so that all of their maintenance needs are addressed on a regular basis without overlooking essential steps and processes.

A good TPM program will free-up maintenance workers so they can address urgent and critical repairs that result in immediate downtime. Maintenance staff will also have additional time to allot to more proactive and preventative maintenance overall.

Operators and production staff generally wait less for maintenance dept. assistance and learn some new ways they can resolve minor machine issues without need for further maintenance support. Truly, everyone wins when a TPM program is functioning as it should.

TPM is great fun to implement and virtually always results in a dramatic reduction of wastes due to downtime immediately and in the long-run.

TPM 5 Pillars

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