Takt Time

Matching the rate of production to the rate of sales or consumption.

Comments: Takt Time (a German word for meter or measure) is often compared to a metronome symbolizing “keeping time.” in its purest sense Takt Time is used to only produce exactly what your customers will consume; nothing more and nothing less.

In practical application knowing what Takt Time is for a specific product can help you understand the level of effort you will have to exert to meet your customer’s demand.

Using an “easy math” example: If your customer wishes to buy 10 products from you every day and your normal production shift is 10 hours, then your Takt Time is 1 part per hour.

Producing only 9 parts per day would create a shortfall and leave your customer wanting. Producing 11 parts per day would create excess inventory and all the inherent problems that come with excess inventory.

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