Standardized Work

Repeating work activities using the same processes every time.

Comments: Standardized Work will generally include testing work processes again and again to prove out the “Current best ways” of completing tasks. The “current best ways” is an important concept as one of the basic tenants of Standardized Work is that you are always looking for better ways to do work.

Normally when we help companies implement Standardized Work we use photos, simple diagrams, and plain text to make work instructions and present them in a very clear manner.

It is difficult to get consistent quality and timely output unless you standardize work processes and write “Standardized Work Instructions” that must be followed. Most workers like to do things “their own way,” and that is fine as long as their way is the standardized way. If workers wish to challenge the “Standardized Work Instructions” that is fine and even appreciated. The key is that everyone should be completing whatever task in the “Current Best Way.”

Special Note: If ever the need for stopwatches is warranted please let your operators do the timing. Few things displease and disrespect operators more than a manager or supervisor hanging over their shoulder with a stopwatch timing their every move. Trust us on this one.