Painted Floor

Colored lines or shapes painted or taped on a floor that provide Visual Cues/Information.

Comments: Variations of this technique are used to provide a very quick reference or assessment regarding stock levels that would not require physically counting the stock.

Example: Many companies that use this tool might tape or paint a floor or wall with three basic colors to indicate the “status” of out-of-stock or in-stock items.

Painted or taped up a wall you might see:

Red: Bottom several feet of a wall to immediately communicate “if stock is down to this level we are in trouble!”

Yellow: Next several feet of a wall to visually communicate “We are sure getting close to running out of stock, make more now.”

Green: Highest several feet of wall to visually communicate “Our stock level for this product is fine.”

5S Visual Workplace uses a version of this tool to paint or tape walkways, locations for things such as pallets, danger zones, electrical boxes, carts, totes, etc.