Flexible Approaches To Implementing Lean Manufacturing

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Lean Right Now:

This is a typical “Kaizen Event” or “Improvement Blitz” approach with a few twists. The “Lean Right Now”approach exemplifies engaging in the implementation of real improvements with a diverse team made up of committed individuals from throughout the company to affect significant change very quickly. Emphasis is placed on strategic, tactical employment of Lean tools that increase throughput and reduce waste almost immediately. “Analysis Paralysis,” or over-analyzing issues to the point that nothing actually gets done is avoided by using this methodology. Typically, this approach will require the full-time efforts of 6-10 people for five days to achieve full implementation in a single area or concern. When creatively engaged and empowered, “Blitz Teams” routinely achieve incredible results using this approach. It is among the more costly programs with regards to committed staff resources, but typically results in some of the largest improvements and greatest team buy-in. Team buy-in, commitment, and empowerment ensure long-term effective improvement activities. If you have the ability to commit 6-10 people to this process for a week it is among the most powerful approaches to implementing Lean availab